September 2014

A girl suffering from Eczema is no longer in pain. However, a few months back, Daisy Ames was suffering, trying to cope with her serious allergies.

A washing machine has given her a cure by providing additional rinse cycles which burst allergens, removing bacteria from clothes and other elements which aggravate her skin.

About Daisy Ames


  • Since she was a baby, Daisy Ames suffered from eczema throughout her body, which was painful.


  • When she was 7, she was diagnosed with allergies for mould spores and dust mites. She was also found to be allergic to wheat, peanuts and dairy products. This painful condition which affected her whole body led to weeping sores on her legs and face, making her unable to sleep at night.


  • She was treated at St Mary’s Hospital, London by specialists after a referral from doctors from Hythe, Kent, which is her home. Mrs Ames, who is a teacher aged 37, explained the worst part was missing school many times due to the great discomfort.


  • Her legs had big sores and her face used to break out in rashes. She was very sick which made her unhappy and quiet.


Finally…A Solution!


  • The life of this nine year old has taken a turn for the better thanks to a unique anti-allergy washing machine whose treatment is unusual. Her parents, Laura and Russel, acquired the Servis Sensitive Wash machine in June via charity Allergy UK.


  • This machine removes bacteria from clothes, preventing the clothes from being an irritant to her skin. Now she is a bubbly and happy nine year old who is performing well in school, and enjoys playing with her three brothers.
  • Ever since her family got the Servis Sensitive Wash Machine, Daisy has not experienced any pain. This machine gets rid of bacteria and allergens like soap powder residues, to prevent them from hurting her skin.


  • Mrs Ames stated that the donated washing machine together with assistance from allergy specialists combined to bring about a transformation. She said the family would not have been able to afford the machine which costs £


  • Mrs Ames says this treatment has given Daisy comfort and she is now extremely happy.



How the Machine Works


  • The washing machine eliminates bacteria, allergens and stains left by emollients and creams from clothes. This is during a wash which takes three hours at 60 degrees using four cycles for rinsing.


  • It has the capacity for 8kg and does not use a lot of water nor electricity, unlike most ordinary machines. The clothes are spun at speeds ranging from slow to fast, enabling most of the bacteria to be eliminated.


Servis donated these machines to three families after approval by Allergy UK. The Deputy Chief Executive of the charity, Lindsey Marcus remarked, ‘To manage allergic conditions, it is an important step to avoid allergens.’

He added, ‘Products like the Servis washing machine which have been certified with the Allergy UK’s approval seal have gone through thorough scientific examination to make sure that they actually get rid of bacteria and allergens in the course of washing.’