How to treat Eczema

Eczema refers to a skin problem which leads to inflammation in some areas and patches on the skin.

General symptoms of eczema are redness, itching, skin becoming thick and spotting especially on elbows, arms and knees. Lesions also form which can lead to infection.

Even though eczema is mainly found in children below 3 years, it is also common in adults. It is not known exactly what causes eczema but it is suspected that it could be a result of a faulty immune system.

It could also be hereditary or genetic or the consequence of allergic conditions and asthma as well. It is a well known fact that different chemicals contained in soaps and detergents can set off symptoms similar to eczema.


  • Tests can be performed to establish what kind of skin ailment the body has and this is mainly carried out in form of a biopsy.

Depending on the results, the treatment suitable for the condition is established and normally involves using oils and antihistamines and which are available in the medical sector.

  • Despite using medication however, an increasing number of eczema patients are using natural remedies like supplements and vitamins. It has been realized that treating eczema should start inside the body and in many cases a drastic diet change and lifestyle is the answer for a positive result.
  • Due to this, great emphasis is laid on treating eczema. There has been great increase in production in the market for natural health.

Patients have discovered that the option for natural remedy has a more lasting effect compared to conventional means using creams or medicine.

Treatment for Nummular Eczema

Even though eczema does not have a specific cure, there are various treatments which can be used to control it.

The most common remedy which is utilized is one which treats Nummular eczema, which is probably the commonest kind of eczema.

Remedies used for Nummular Eczema

  • Emollients which are based on oil or fat are utilized as a kind of treatment for preventing nummular eczema. When emollient is applied on the skin, it becomes supple and does not dry out. Preventing the loss of moisture is a vital step in the prevention of eczema from breaking out.
  • It is well known that some emollients have properties which prevent inflammation and itching as well. Selecting the appropriate ointment is just as important also.

This is because it is very important for you to choose one that has the correct balance in oil and water, suitable for the kind of surroundings found where you live.

  • Steroid creams are known to have a calming effect and are also utilized in treating nummular eczema. They practically control the inflammatory response of the body and hydrocortisone is the one which is used the most.
  • It is possible to buy most of them from a pharmacy over the counter, although a doctor should give a prescription for dosages which are strong. Using them for a long time however, can have harmful effects on the skin making it appear thin and weak.
  • Antibiotics are normally utilized when an infection occurs. Using them for long is not advisable and results in bacterial which is resistant to antibiotics. As a general rule, antibiotics are used together with a hydrocortisone cream which is strong and one can only obtain them through prescription.

Treating Eczema with Sunlight

The beauty of sunlight is limitless, it is one of the natural remedies for Eczema treatment and it is the most effective of them all. First, it’s for free unlike most eczema treatments. Eczema patients can benefit from sunlight as it improves the skins condition.

The body produces certain vitamins upon exposure to sunlight, such vitamins work by easing Eczema symptoms and any other skin disorders. As part of you daily routine care, sunlight should be on top of your list followed by other treatment options.

Sunlight is healthy and once you have adopted the correct techniques of using it, you are good to go. Learn the best times of exposing your skin to the sun, do not expose your skin when the sun is at its harmful stage. A natural moisturizer is recommended, you don’t want to burn your skin and worsen Eczema symptoms at the expense of trying to treat it.

Too much of anything is dangerous and this applies to the sunlight. One hour each day is enough to obtain the health benefits and vitamins to combat Eczema. Exposing yourself to the sun for extended periods can damage your skin and exaggerate the existing symptoms.

One last point to remember is to use a skin moisturizer afterwards. A natural cleansing product should be used afterwards to rejuvenate your skin. Do not use scented products to avoid allergic reactions which are known to worsen the skins condition.

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