Types of Eczema

As the lesions become older, the middle clears or turns scaly. It looks like fungus (ring worm) or psoriasis. This ailment is chronic and at times improves or deteriorates.

What Are the Causes of Nummular Eczema?

  • It is not known what causes this condition. Sometimes it is diagnosed as a medication allergy even though this is normally put into consideration during evaluation.
  • This condition normally occurs during winter. Most of the time nummular eczema is thought to be a result of the skin being dry. Factors such as wool, bathing often (twice a day or more) and soaps make this problem worse.
  • People suffering from eczema normally have dry skin which is sensitive to soap, clothes with a rough material and detergents. When Kling is used to make fabric soft or when clothes are washed or dried with such softeners, this makes the skin irritated.
  • Eczema also gets worse in cold and hot weather. Some allergies make eczema worse but are not the cause. This is different from atopic eczema which is very common and is possibly allergic.

 What is the Cure for Nummular Eczema?

Sadly, no cure is available even though there are some methods of containing it which are effective.

Very potent prescription cortisone ointments are the most ideal medicines, for keeping nummular eczema under control, when applied on the skin. Occasional dermatology tests are essential when they are utilized for a long span of time or used in most of the body.

 How to Use Cortisone Ointments

  • It is not advisable to use Cortisone ointments which are strong on the face, groin, armpits or area of the rectum.
  • Keep in mind to massage the cortisone ointments thoroughly when using, and in just small quantities. The results are the same whether applied once in a day or more than once.
  • For persistent nummular eczema which is scaly, coal tar can be mixed with the ointment by the pharmacist. Even though this is useful, it has an odor and stains clothes.
  • Nummular dermatitis sites can get infected (‘Staph’) and taking antibiotics orally for one or two weeks is very useful. Serious cases can be controlled with cortisone which is taken orally or through injections. These are forms of internal treatments.
  • Stubborn bouts of itching can be kept under control using treatments of ultraviolet light provided in dermatology offices.

 Managing Nummular Eczema

  • Generally, make sure the skin is lubricated. After showering, apply oil like Alpha-Keri oil or Neutrogena body oil on the skin. Vaseline is more effective, if it is not very greasy.
  • Avoid showering more than once daily. Hot water makes the skin dry, so utilize lukewarm water. When drying the skin with a towel, use patting motions and avoid rubbing.
  • Blot the skin to ensure some water is still retained on the skin. Soap makes the skin irritated and dry, so avoid using it on eczema. When showering, use minimal amount of soap on the face, genital section, armpits and feet.
  • The bets soap to use is Cetaphil, Dove, Basis, or Oil of Olay. Keep away from clothes which are rough or woolen. Clothes made from 100% cotton are the most ideal.
  • When washing clothes do not use fabric softeners, dryer sheets or Kling and it is advisable to use detergents which do not contain dye and fragrance, like the ‘All free’ detergent.

A routine for controlling nummular eczema can be found.


Many women who are affected mostly with Eczema during pregnancy did not control the condition at an early stage. This is why hormone and chemical alterations in the body can activate the symptoms. For any treatment option that you opt for, some might have indirect effects to the unborn baby. Some medications such as antibiotics, antihistamines and antibiotics needs to be double checked and scrutinized before use as a prescription.

A proper balanced diet is very essential not only during pregnancy but it helps women who suffer from Eczema. Some common foods trigger allergies and increase the symptoms of eczema, so avoid them. Water purifies the body, drink plenty of water to free your body from impurities and toxins.

Take rests and avoid complicating your lifestyle in order to reduce Eczema discomfort during pregnancy. A body that rests has increased immunity and this is required to fight off Eczema symptoms.

Do not use scented products, be it lotions, soaps and any household products. It causes an itchy reaction and increase Eczema effects. Likewise, avoid synthetic fabrics and change bed linen alongside household materials that are likely to trigger the distressing symptoms of Eczema.


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